Cincinnati Household Management & Senior Care

My mom always said, 'every wife needs a wife' and our Household Helper can be just that - someone to give you back time in your busy life.  BabysitEase Household Helpers can do a number of chores to reduce your 'to do' list and give you back time and sanity.  Some of the chores they can complete include:  
  • organize closets / pantry
  • changing your seasonal clothing
  • complete your shopping
  • mail out packages
  • put laundered clothes away
  • organize your schedule
  • help assist your elderly parent
A big project can feel overwhelming.  However, a lot can happen in one day.  For short-term projects, BabysitEase will connect you with the right person to streamline the process from start to finish.  Our organizers can manage a variety of projects in a pinch.
  • De-clutter a room (or two)
  • Spring-clean the garage
  • Sort through give-away items
  • Improve the flow to your kitchen
  • Organize an office
  • Create a designated fun, safe, play area
Have a larger project?  BabysitEase | Organization Extraordinaire can help.  Change can be hard; let us support you by creating efficient systems and organization, problem solving, and restoring your life’s order.  Our professional organizer will schedule a review with all of the project-decision-makers to create a holistic plan to reach your goals.  During this process your values and unique needs are our priority. Some of the possibilities for long-term projects are listed below.
  • Whole house de-cluttering
  • Spatial Organization 
  • Preparing for a move/ Downsizing
  • On-site home management