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You have questions and we have answers.  If you don't see your question listed then feel free to call us or email us.  Our contact info can be found via a link at the bottom of this page.  Go ahead take a look at some of the more common questions - you might even learn a few interesting things you weren't looking for.

For General

What is your contact information? (859) 442-SITS (7487)
Where can I buy BabysitEase merchandise? We sell a limited selection of BabysitEase logo merchandise like short and long sleeve t-shirts and various bags and packs and can be purchased by following this link.

For Family

Are the sitters CPR certified? While the majority of our sitters have been through CPR / Red Cross Babysitter certification at some point in their life, this is an annual certification and only some of our sitters get re-certified annually.
Can I get the same sitter each time? You can request any of your past sitters & it will hold the sit for them for 24 hours.  If the sitters didn't pick it up in that time, it becomes available to all sitters.  We do not guarantee the same sitter for all your sits, but if you are looking for the same sitter it is best to request a consistent day / time and as the sit continues a regular sitter often falls into place.
How do I get a nanny? Our Sitter Buy Out is like getting a nanny head hunter for your family.  We get a description of your family, the position, and what kind of person you are looking for.  We work with our present team of child care providers that have already been vetted to see if anyone fits with your opportunity.  If there isn't a match, we run a campaign where we manage all of the communications, interviewing, and background/reference checking.  It takes at least three weeks to go through the whole process, so if a shorter time frame is needed, we would use BabysitEase part-time and occasional sitters to fill in until the long term nanny has been hired.

Complete a nanny request if you are looking for long term part or full time care with the same sitter or pair of sitters for a duration of 3-12+ months.  The Sitter Buy Out is $500/quarter or $1500/lifetime. A summer sitter (June-August) would be $500, for example.  In this arrangement, you don't need to schedule sits online, manage schedule with the sitter directly, use the sitter as often as needed, have full access to the sitter's schedule and utilize the sitter for tasks outside of childcare if agreed upon at the start of the Sitter Buy Out.
How much does BabysitEase cost? We provide all our pricing and fees on our pricing page which is linked on the left-hand menu. In short, we charge families a nominal registration fee to be a part of our network and to get access to our amazing babysitters. Once you are ready to schedule a sit you pay BabysitEase a small charge to schedule your sit and then pay the sitter at the end of the night based on the prices listed on the pricing page.
What happens during bad weather conditions? Our parents can cancel due to weather conditions without any last minute cancellation fees. There will be no refund for the scheduling fees for the sits that have been placed. If parents choose to cancel their sits because they aren't going to be heading out of the house or they don't feel comfortable having the sitters travel in the weather conditions, just give us a call at 859-442-SITS. We allow the sitters the same courtesy to cancel during this time as well.
What if I come home before the scheduled end time? If you arrive home before the scheduled end time, you are still responsible for paying the sitter for the scheduled time.
What if I'm not sure how long I'll be gone or what if I come home early? How should I book the sit hours? All sitters are to be paid for the full time they are booked.  Therefore, if you know you'll need a sitter on  Friday night from 5-11pm for example, but think you might stay out until midnight, book the sit from 5-11pm and put a note in the comments section saying something like, "We might stay out as late as 12am so we need a sitter with end-time flexibility."  That way, you are only required to pay her from 5-10pm but if you choose to stay out later, you already know you have someone who is aware and flexible, and you can then just pay her for any additional time she stayed.  
What if my sit request isn't filled? We have a fill rate around 99% for all of our sits that are requested outside of 48hrs and we also fill most of our sit requests that are called in within 48hrs. We'll do our best to get you a sitter, but if we are having trouble, we'll call you on your family phone number the day before the sit to let you know how things are looking. If we are unable to fill your request we can offer you a coupon for the placement fee or a refund of your placement fee.
What is the difference between a nanny and a sitter? Nannies work for the same family at least 4 days and/or 25 hours per week.  The regular rate for babysitters is $9/hr for one child, and $1 more per hour each additional child.  Nannies often have household responsibilities and are paid between $12-$20/hr which is agreed upon between the nanny & family at the start of the engagement.

For Sitter

Can I bring my children with me on the sit? No, we arrange for families to have their children be the sole focus of the sits.
Can I care for children in my home instead of the family's home? No.  We specialize in situations where the caregivers go to the family's home.
Do I have to pay to be a part of the service? You will need to buy a shirt for your sits ($15-20).  
Do I need a car to babysit? Yes, we have families all over the community (not always on mass transit lines) and sometimes we are needed to help shuttle the kids to school, practice, etc.