• BabySitters

    Care givers for part time & occasional childcare needs. All babysitters are over 18, been interviewed & background checked for your safety.

  • Pet Sitters

    Find a pet lover who can watch your friend in the comforts of your own home. We offer dog walks, visits and overnight stays

  • Tutoring

    Bright and caring tutors who can help your child take their academic performance to the next level

  • Nannies

    Part time & full time care givers that are a dedicated resource for your family. Let us find you a nanny that is a best fit for your family!

Other Notes on Pricing:

1. Cancellations: The Cancellation Fee for sits cancelled within the last 24 hours before the start of a scheduled sit. 100% of this fee is passed on to the sitter to compensate for lost hours. We do not issue refunds for the placement fees should you choose to cancel your sit once a sitter has been assigned.  However, we WILL refund your placement fee if we are unable to find you a sitter or if you need to cancel your request before one has been found.

2. Babysitting (care giver) rates are paid directly to the sitter: (3 hour minimum for families, 2 hour minimum for non-profit groups)

3. Holidays:  Care providers are to receive $1 more per hour (holiday pay rate) for all holidays listed at the bottom of the pricing page.


  • The standard rate listed is for 1 child. The rate increases by $1 more per hour for each additional child
  • ALL sitters are to be paid in full for the entire booking time for each sit and are required to be paid at least the 3 or 2 hr minimum (see above).  Therefore, if you know for sure you'll need a sitter on Friday night, for example, from 5-10pm but also know you might stay out until 1am, please book your sit from 5-10pm and put a note in the comments saying something like, "We may stay out as late as 1am so we need a sitter with end time flexibility."  This means you are only required to pay her for the full hours (even if you come home early), but you know you'll have a sitter who is flexible and you can just pay her for any overage past 10pm should you choose to stay out later.  

4. Overnight Rates:

  • $100.00 for after school overnight for 1-2 children ('After school overnight"= when the kids get off school until they go to school the next morning, or approximately 3pm until 8am)
  • $120.00 for after school overnight for 3-4 children 
  • $130.00 per 24 hour period,  Monday - Thursday for 1-2 children
  • $150.00 per 24 hour period,  Monday - Thursday for 3-4 children
  • $150.00 per 24 hour period,  Friday - Sunday  for 1-2 children
  • $170.00 per 24 hour period,  Friday - Sunday  for 3-4 children

5. Transportation Fees:   Transportation fees only refer to any time a sitter is actively transporting your children from point A to point B.  

Families will be contacted by 6pm if no sitter is available for the next day's sit.

Household Help Rates:

  • 3 hour minimum criteria (2 for non-profits) applies
  • Rates shown above are minimums, rates can be negotiated up from there (between you and the helper) based upon the job you're asking them to do and what you're willing to pay them.   
  • Transportation fees:  This only refers to when a helper is actively transporting something for you from point A to point B (at your request).

Pet Sitter Rates:

  • An overnight pet sit means the sitter will stay with your pets for at least 10 hours, 12 at the most (e.g. 7pm-7am).  If you'd like them to pop in throughout the day as well, you may want to negotiate with your sitter and find a payment level you're both comfortable with.  Although base rates are provided, every situation is different and the needs of pets vary between families.  Therefore, you can negotiate payment with your pet sitter as long as this minimum payment guideline is adhered to. 
  • Transportation fees:  This only refers to any time a sitter is actively transporting your pets from point A to point B (at your request).

Tutoring Rate Recommendations:

  • Half hour minimum visit is required
  • $15/hr (K-8)
  • $18/hr (grades 9-12)
  • $20/hr College Prep (SAT/ACT, resume, essay help, etc.)

Holidays list:

Easter Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day
Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend
Rosh Hashanah
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur
Halloween Saturday
Thanksgiving Weekend
Thanksgiving Weekend
Thanksgiving Weekend
Thanksgiving Weekend
Christmas Eve
New Years Eve
New Years Day
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Weekend
St. Patrick's Day
July 4th