Who Is BabysitEase?

I'm a working mom, wife, and faith filled adventure seeker.  I have been a college athlete, bored cubicle worker, and over scheduled woman seeking to find the greatest of my purposes.  I'm still working it out.  In the meantime, I am also giving like minded, busy parents resources they can trust to give back time and improve the lives in their active families.  

This isn't just finding the best childcare providers and families in Cincinnati (and connecting them!), this is also a manifestation of my life mission to build strong women and families.  I am committed to working with you to find the right fit for your season of life and the culture of your family.  

We support small business, the leaders in our community that are building a better future for our city and our world, and the parents that want reliable (and awesome) experiences for their children- and their own relationships.  I hope my daily efforts add up to a healthier child, family unit, and community.  Who knows, I might just be changing the world one household at a time, helping families get through some of their challenging parenting years with grace and success.

If you are interested in buying BabysitEase branded merchandise you can do so at the link attached here.  We have t-shirts, bags, and packs available for sale in multiple sizes and colors.